2022 Schedule

Topics & Speakers Coming Soon

Meeting times are from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The room is open for working and fellowship beginning at 10am. Typically, we meet the 4th Saturday of the month with a few exceptions – May, November & December (the starred (*) dates are on a different weekend than normally scheduled).

January 22 – Liz Bradford Brzenzinski – Developing Characters with Myers-Brigg

February 26 – Rhonda Dragomir – Contest Savvy: Enter and Win!

March 26 – Carrie Stuart Parks – Topic: Tension – more information to come

April 23 – Sarah Sundin – Setting the Scene—Writing Scenes That Live – Scenes are where your story comes to life. We’ll explore how to start a scene that grabs readers and grounds them in your world, how to use each scene to drive the story forward, and how to end the scene in a way that leaves them wanting more.

*May 21 – Tara Johnson – Writing Through Storms – more information to come

June 25KCWC Recap

July 23 – Danielle Grandinetti Owens – Body Language in Writing – more information to come

August 27 – Janyre Tromp – The Art of Descriptions (and Not Going Overboard) – It’s no secret that good narrative description is one of the keys to excellent writing. But navigating the path between too much and too little detail isn’t always an easy task. In this workshop we’ll explore keys to creating effective “Show Don’t Tell” description as well as give concrete examples of how to put those keys into action without bogging down your manuscript.

September 24 – Lisa Carter – Grounding the Reader: First Chapter Checklist – more information to come

October 22 – Robin Patchen – Creating Suspenseful Plots – Discover how to create sympathetic characters and suspenseful plots that will keep readers turning the pages.

*November 19 – Cynthia Ruchti – Writing By Heart – What does it cost to be a writer? What can a writer expect from life, from editors, from the Lord? Is it worth it?

*December 3 – Christmas Party

Please check the ACFW Louisville Facebook Group for last-minute updates.

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